Dyslexia a Learning Disability or Gift – gift

As hard as it is to deal and teach a child how to spell and learn their numbers when they do not have a learning disability, it is even harder to teach a child with dyslexia. This is a challenge that few parents face head on, and many believe that it is just their children trying to get out of doing their home work or studying, but it happens to be very real, and a lot of work to handle, especially for new parents.

As much work as it is to teach a child something new when they have a challenge ahead of them, it is a gift to both the parent and the child because both are able to work together and learn how to get past this challenge at a young age, so that they do not have to deal with it as they get older. Dyslexia is a treatable mental challenge, that concentrates on the ability of the child being able to read and write the right way. There are many successful people that had this as they were growing up, and now have completely mastered and even got cured of the challenge, so that it affects them very little.

This is just one of the many ways that any parent can battle with their child, but at the same time, children have a hard time with understanding and spelling certain words and letters, especially when they look and sound about the same. There are many ways to view this challenge in children, and one of them is as the “perfect time to teach the child the right way” according to teachers and parents. One of the best things or the rare thing about this challenge that few face, a person can say, is that a child can get the best education possible, since they have to get help as they are learning, and teachers have to know of a better way to teach them and for them to get it. This way, any child can actually catch up and learn faster than a child that simply goes to class and just sits as the teacher lectures the students.

This is one of the few good things that can come from this challenge in students, and also in adults. Many people happen to believe that a person with dyslexia can actually be less smart, and this is completely false. They are smart and can sometimes be smarter than the average person, but the only thing that keeps them from showing that, is the fact that they cannot understand the words like normal people would. Sometimes the letters are backwards for them, making it hard for them to read. This is one of the few things that people have to remember.

It’s not a disease, just a challenge.