Education Teachers School Stress Suicide Labelling Philosophy of Education

If you have been labelling your child as an ”underachiever”, please give me a moment as I explain.

We have been thinking that education is like a battle, that children have to be highly educated and are expected to contribute greatly to the country’s development. Hence, naive children have to be taught under duress, or should I say, under very rigid supervision, without the teachers knowing about the deleterious repercussions of this coercion and misunderstanding. Recent news articles of the spike of children suicide rates imputed to academic reasons, such as unenvisaged exam results and peers loathing each other in terms of who got the higher grades, is such a distressing, urgent matter that everyone directly or indirectly involved in education should never negate and overlook.

There must be some loopholes in our current education system. The government and the teachers might not be interacting well with the country’s future manpower; and this foments our children to drag their feet almost everyday, unwillingly, to school and to lose many intrinsic human values, such as how to communicate eye-to-eye to others and even mastering the simplest way of life: to make friends.

So what are the encumbrances that make our current education system effete?

After a long analysis of the situation and information gleaned from many parents who have children still in primary schools, the root of this problem is that teachers are surreptitiously or worse, blatantly, labelling children as ”underachievers”, ”not too good” or ”too stupid to understand”. These students improperly labelled are sent to classes which comprise of people just like them, reclusive of ”high achievers”. Those teachers are simply casting aspersions to naive students who are still developing psychologically and totally avoiding the problem altogether. Instead, they keep on blaming on the students’ parents for their cavalier attitude. When no one is seeing, those teachers will be swaying and laughing their way to the bank. Do teachers work just for mercenary purposes? I doubt about the government’s statute and mantra of preparing and educating children to be the best they can be in their future. We can see clearly that our children are disapproving of their teachers and throwing tantrums when they could not solve a problem in their assignments.

We have to understand that we are once children, and no one is born intelligent. We got to instil our children confidence and determination. We got to give cordial and cogent support and words of encouragement to them so that they can learn happily in school. We have to learn that if we educate children in the obviously gratuitous way, our future would never be happy, but contrarily, worse, with many problems and misery. I think that teachers have to appreciate children because they are the moulders of the future, that they could continue living and serving in the community when we are dead. Teachers have to treat students like their own consanguineous offspring because without them, we would never know about happiness as we watch them playing catching, hear their euphonious voices and feel their genuine sincerity. The more advance we humans get, the further our happiness goes.

No one is to be labelled. Everyone has their own shortcomings. Simply belittling them is not the right solution. Teachers have to act as the role of mothers and fathers in schools, especially in primary schools. We can enliven our education system. Trust me, life can be sweet. Look around and you will see it is a beautiful day, like no other day.