Family Activities to Improve Reading in Children

I am the oldest girl of six children. I have four younger siblings and one older brother. My mother worked most of my young life and I had to help raise my younger siblings. Getting them involved in family activities not only helped me out but got them to improve their reading skills. A child will only learn what he or she believes is going to benefit them. Their minds are not like adults and challenging them is a challenge for yourself. Games, toys, coloring books, and family activities can be educational. It is important to start training their minds at an early age because it will give them an advantage once they enter school. The trick is to get them to learn without them knowing and the most simple games and activities is just what you need. Here are a few to help you out.

You may not believe it, Monopoly is educational. Many of our brokers, real estate agents, and contractors started off just simply playing this game. Think about it. You have to budget what homes and houses to buy, figure out what area on the board gets hit the most and what spaces are more likely to be landed upon, pay taxes, pay dues, and passing go is just like getting a paycheck. You have to calculate who has what and how you can get the opposite person out of the game. At the end, you have to add up all of your money, property holdings, and houses to see who has won the game. In just 30 minutes to an hour, they have learned how to add, multiply, divide, decision making skills, comprehension, logic, and reading. They have to read what the cards say, read numbers, and learn how to read people and choices. They won’t even know it.

A coloring book is very coniving and you can thank the person who came up with those. I bought my niece a coloring book with Hannah Montana and Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell tells her stories and she colors the conclusions in. She is able to say what happened and tell me everything in the book With her not realizing, she has read close to 3 chapters of a novel. She is more comfortable and fluent with her words and her confidence in reading has improved. It works best when you are able to sit down with them and color with them.

One of the most interesting family activity would be a game called Blurt or Taboo. These are word games where you have to read words off of a card and act them out. It is up to your team members and/or family members to guess the word. This allows them not only to read the words but to understand their meaning. When they act out a word, it will become more familiar. Taboo, you have to use similar words. If you are trying to get them to say the word tree, you have to use other words to get them to say that word. There are five words that you can not say and will be disqualified if you do. This allows them to explore the many different words in the dictionary. If they loose, they will want to go and learn more words so that they can win. You will learn that children can not stand to loose.

Try out other family activities. The best learning activity is done with the family. Children are more comfortable being taught by family but more importantly, they don’t know that they are learning. Parents have the ability to trick and sneak their way around anything, use the power of the family activity and teach your children to read.

Good Luck!