Guide to School Support Services available for Special needs Students

The most important thing in utilizing school support services when you have a child
with special needs is to learn as much as you can about your childs disability or
special needs.This is not always easy and is an ongoing process,but certainly worth
The effort. Don’t assume that your child’s school will automatically act in your
child’s best interest.Learning all you can will equip you to go in and discuss,ask
questions,evaluate your child’s schools ability to provide him or her with the necessary services to address their particular learning style.

I can not stress enough the fact that depending on your school district, schools recieve almost tripple in funding to educate your special needs child, compared to what they receive for children of the same age and grade who are not special needs.
This sounds good doesn’t it? Well you need to also know that schools will opt to spend the bare minimum possibly what they receive for non special needs students, then they have a few ppts or IEPs and prepare to pat them selves on the back for being able to get more money while providing substandard accomidations to your child. Schools can take the bulk of those funds and pool them to use for whatever
school related projects they choose.

As your child’s advocate it at times will be frustrating and the school will not voluntarily disclose to you all of the services that you can request and receive
for your child from extra text books at no cost to you for your child to keep and
study at home, to requesting what is sometimes referred to as a velcro-para, where the para-professional paid for by the school district goes to every class with your child to help him or her with the subjects they are learning, there is also computer assited technology,modified curriculum taylorewd to meet your child’s need and learning style, Even having all of your special needs child complete all home work at school during the regular school hours while insuring that your child still participates in school specials, and recess and physical education. This is fantastic in that the school has to earn the funds given them and put more of those funds to work in your childs behalf.For most special needs students, I can honestly
tell you that it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get through the school day,
having home work done at school allows for them to be able to decompress at home.
This is a bonus for them and also for you becasue there are less melt downs about comming home to start homework when they need the break most.

Speaking of breaks, you can also have breaks built into their school day to relax or play in 10-15 minutes twice a day to give them time to blow off steam and this
way they come back from their break ready to focus and get back to school work you
will find as I have ,that the child who has this type of arrangement is more willing to complete classroom activities and for those who’s behavior at times can be aggresive or disruptive, that there are fewer incidents.

Learn the laws governing your school district, get free parent & child advocasy involved too because the more programs that you have in your corner before your child starts school or after being diagnosed with a disability or special needs, documentation especially from Doctors and other professionals are paramount negotiating tools DO NOT, I REPEAT,DO NOT, approach the school on an emotional mom
or dad level they will tsk,tsk and placate you, with few concessions and use big words to convince the unsuspecting,(lay for please dont make do the hard work)It
is there job.Don’t get me wrong I love teachers but you will find your share of both dilligent genuinely concerned teachers that you will always remeber, as well as the lazy, Im just here for the pay check sink or swim attitudes that you will
never forget.

As a parent it is your job and privledge to be your precious childs advocate and at time you will have to be direct and persistent and demand what your child needs during those times when schools promise and fail to follow through.You need to set the tone through out your childs school career. As a parent you love them. Dont fail them as an advocate. Educate your self and speak up their are many web sites,and library information to prepare you for the challenge and learn the laws
where you live and always be respectful when seeking services for your child, but
never be intimidated because the special education laws are on your side.