How Advances in Understanding Learning Disabilities have Changed Education

There are many different learning styles and we are still creating new ones because we are still finding out how different people learn. As we go on education is getting better but also getting worse. There is no guarantee that your child will have the best learning experience. There are a lot of children who just can’t learn the way that things are being presented. I myself have the trouble of being motivated because of the repetitiveness of the classes, and when I tell my teachers that its redundant they just kind of look at me. When you outsmart your teachers its bad. This is a large problem with a lot of students especially those in the gifted program (L.E.P). They prove their teachers wrong and try to be independent and work how they learn the best but are being held back by the teachers demands. It’s really becoming a sad thing.

Sometimes these minor things that seem like nothing are a big thing to the person trying to learn. Now that there are more teaching methods and that the children are being introduced to better learning techniques until they find the right one is definitely helping. Although there is also a downside to this entire situation.

When they do teach these different learning techniques it is also causing issues with the person trying to learn. The teachers are trying to force the kids to take notes their way, solve the math problems a certain way, organize a certain way, etc. All this is doing is frustrating the kids trying to learn. When they open their minds and decide to give them a little more freedom but keep them on track is when our education system is greatly improved. Although, I guess for now they are going to keep it a prison cell for children where they have to obey even the most idiotic of rules, dread school, and have no motivation.