How do College Resource Centers Assist Students with Disabilities

College, for a new Freshman, can be a scary as well as intimidating experience. When you add a disability to the equation, you may feel like giving up before even starting, unless you have the tools in place to help you to succeed at your educational goals.

College Resource Centers are great in assisting students with disabilities. There are several ways that these resource centers can help a student with a disability. College Resource Centers are in place to help a student to know what is going to be a good fit for them to be able to succeed and reach their goals. The staff in the College Resource Center are trained to advocate on the student’s behalf with the rest of the faculty, to explain to them the special accommodations that the student has the right to utilize to help accommodate the”Special Needs” that the student may have that goes along with their disability.

If a student is failing a class or multiple classes that they need to pass to graduate, the student can go to the College Resource Center and explain the situation. At this point, those people will look at the situation and see if they need to sit down with the teacher and the student and in a sense mediate the situation to get the student’s concerns across, and help the teacher or teacher’s to better understand the student’s needs. The faculty can also put measures into place, such as a tutor, or a note taker to help the student to get their grades better. 

Another great benefit to a College Resource Center is that they can help you to set up a schedule of your classes that you can handle without becoming too stressed out. There is no time limit on when you have to have your classes done to get your diploma or degree. Some people might be able to get this done in two or four years, when in some cases it might take 5 or more to accomplish the goals that the person with the disability has set out for themself. There is nothing wrong with taking longer to complete these classes. You really should do it at your own pace so that you can do your best work without feeling stressed or burned out. If you push yourself too hard then you will become tired and frustrated, and want to give up without even trying to accomplish your goals.