How Project Based Learing is a Benefit for Special needs Children

Children with special needs of all kinds benefit from project-based learning. I’m writing this article because, I do go to a project-based school. And the first reason special needs kids benefit from project-based learning is they can be treated like everyone else. Also, they get to learn with everyone else not just in a classroom with kids that need the same amount of help as them. They may not be with everyone in their school that has special needs like them but, when they need extra help is still recognized. 

Second of all, They get treated as if they are like everyone else. They may have extra help with somethings but, most kids do feel more independent in a project-based learning environment. They don’t feel as if they are depending on someone to help them do everything which is a big plus in their eyes.

Also, bullying is less common in a project-based learning school. The reason why bullying doesn’t happen as much is because, the kids at project-based schools are trying to succeed and get through school more than worrying about making fun of someone or trying to budge into their business.

Another reason why special needs children benefit from project-based learning is because, they can be treated like everyone else and do all their work like everyone else around them. All the kids in project-based schools do projects and each kid can chooses what they learn about a child with special needs has a chance to do their work on their own if they choose to. But, asking for help is not problem because, the kids around the special needs student may not even know that the kid is special needs but, are willing to help no matter what!

The other thing that people need to know why special education students benefit from a school project-based is because, all the kids in the school no matter if your special education or not. All of the students get voice and choice. This means that the kids get to have freedom of speech. They can tell you why they believe what they believe. And choice means they have a choice on what project they do or how they learn the requirements of their grade level.

Special education kids benefit from schools like this! I hope you learned something from my article and learn more about kids with special needs in project-based schools.