How to tell if your Child is Gifted

When your child is labeled gifted in the school system they are automatically labeled and separated. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. When they are separated like this yes, it gives them an opportunity to think in a different way and learn in an easier way. Although there are still down sides to it like there are with almost anything. The kids separated into the gifted program are either picked on because others think they have a mental disability or because they are to smart. I personally never understood this when i was in the gifted program. Just because I don’t learn by the same techniques as every other child does that mean I have a mental disability?

If you ever have a kid and he is put in the gifted program I would suggest keeping track of your child’s progress but don’t overbear your child. When you try and make your child succeed instead of encouraging it, it will always frustrate them. I personally ended up not having motivation if someone tried to force it on me. I had to learn on my own though that I couldn’t do this. I had to break away from my parents and explain to them, with the help of one of my teachers we worked it out and I managed to get back on track and be motivated with my parents encouraging me rather than forcing me.

The way to tell your child is gifted is just by them having a different style of thinking. This is not a bad thing. You just have to understand your child and be supportive. A gifted child can be really smart its just the matter of getting them the right teachers and methods. Trust me when I say that gifted childrens’ ways of thinking vary and are complicated but if you talk to your child and treat them well then they will do the same. It’s all about the way you think.