Is ADHD Overdiagnosed – Yes

Isn’t it amazing how many children, and now adults, are being diagnosed with ADHD? From a personal standpoint, I believe that Medical Practitioners and Adults have stopped really trying to find out if a person has ADHD and are using it as a general excuse. It’s just like going to the doctor because you are sick and them telling you that you have a virus, or a cold or the flu. They rarely do very little to actually figure out what it is you have.

I do not doubt that there are many people in the world that actually do suffer from ADHD and they do require medication or other means to keep them functioning properly, but, and this is a big but, in a lot of towns, parents are actually using it as a way to explain why their children are acting up, or sometimes out of control.

Remember the old saying “don’t give a kid red cordial because it makes them go all hyper”? Whether it was actually true or not doesn’t really matter, you didn’t give it to them just in case.

Parents, grandparents and teachers alike would spend a lot of energy teaching children how to behave. They used their manners or didn’t get whatever it was they wanted. They did not interrupt adults when they were talking, they said excuse me, please and thank you. They shared their belongings and were polite to strangers. They played well with others and knew very little of conflict.

If they were violent towards others, they were punished. At it was a punishment that meant something. It was a punishment that left them in no uncertain terms that what they had done was wrong and were told to apologise. This was the norm.

Now, there are more kids out of control than I believe there ever has been before. Feral parenting, parents that are struggling under the weight of parenthood without help, and the lack of extended family support seems to have bred a generation of people that believe they have the right to do as they please, to treat people however they want to and not to respect anyone, be it their elders, their friends, and unfortunately, themselves.

For those who really do suffer from ADHD and ADD, they know that they have this and more often than not, even when not on medication, take steps to make sure that they behave in an appropriate manner. If medical practitioners, paediatricians and psychiatrists stopped writing prescriptions for behaviour modification drugs and spent the time to actually find out what was wrong, then there would be less people in the world using ADHD as an excuse.