Resources for Gifted Children

Finding resources for your gifted child does not have to be difficult but will require much of you, the parent. Whether you are a single parent or a team, you are responsible to keep your gifted child challenged and engaged.

First on the list is your school system. If they were the source of the determination of your child being classified as gifted, do they have a gifted program? Schools often have programs that meet either during the school day or after school, that offer extra curriculum for the gifted. Get to know them and get your child involved. The school personnel in this program are trained to assist your gifted child by offering additional studies that will keep your child challenged and engaged. They will also keep you up to date about your child’s interests and areas that need additional study.

Summer programs – Gifted children do not do well if they are not learning and being challenged during the summer school break. See what summer programs are available in your area. These can be specialized classes in nature, sports, arts or other areas of interest to your child.

A reading program for the summer is extremely important. A book a week from the library and a written book report should be part of your child’s summer routine. Help your child to pick new subjects as well as old favorites, they will broaden their knowledge and get some enjoyable reading time in. As you grade the report they have written, you will learn much and be involved with your child. Gifted children need a lot parental involvement.

Computers and television time are important to your gifted child. The science offered through these mediums can not only be full of information for your gifted child but also provides the information in an enjoyable format. Watching with your child gives essential sharing of information and explanation time. Your child needs to talk about what they have seen and ask questions or give opinions on the topic.

I have raised two gifted children. They are now very engaged adults, still studying new information, raising gifted children and truly engaged in life. Their need to know and learn has never stopped.

One caution for parents of gifted children: all gifted children hit a wall. Either high school or college, there will be something that does not come easily to them. There will be a class they will fail or some concept that is difficult for them to understand. I was told by the school professionals, when the children were in elementary school, that this would happen, and it did at different times for both children. I was grateful that I was forewarned because it really does shake them. As a parent, you need to help them through this and help them to get back on track.