Sensory Activities for Autistic Children Sensory and Autism

Sensory Activities for autistic children

The toughest job on the planet is raising children.  Children require love and attention but when you are dealing with sensory motivated autistic children that’s where the challenge begins.  First and foremost know your child’s likes and dislikes.  Do they like bright lights but hate loud noises?  Are they fascinated with flashlights or sunlight?  In addition to the therapy your child may be receiving there are more entertaining tasks that you can present to assist your little on in his or her journey in becoming more proficient in life activities.   Let’s look at a few.

One of the most beneficial activities for a child with autism is a trampoline.   They come in many different designs these days from traditional outdoor to a mini trampoline indoor for those rainy days.  Safety is the main concern and a lot of trampolines both big and small come with safety nets around them to help prevent old disasters such as broken bones.  Broken bones can still occur but any use of any trampoline should be utilized with parental supervision.  Also keep in mind that the trampoline for autistic children is considered great because it provides joint compression and that’s one of the main reasons children are always jumping around it’s simple sensory stimulation.

Second, you’ll have to become a kid again and play.  Remember tug of war, hop scotch and tickle fights?  Well do this and more. Play.  Be inventive in what your child likes to do.  Play in water and have a water fight with or without the balloons.   Have a parade.  There doesn’t have to be a particular reason just march.  March through the kitchen and dining room and up the stairs and dance away.  If you want to have a parade theme you can pick your theme and make all sorts of pictures and posters and “play whistles” (folded up piece up paper in a circle and taped to stay close) and march away with you singing a song.  Become a kid again and think like a kid.  Grown ups have forgotten how to do this and kids are a great reminder of just how to have real fun.  Remember ring around the rosy?  The key to this is you move in a circle and fall down. Circles a form of spinning for autistic children is a sensory marker for them. 

Third, keep it monitored.  Playing is good but you can’t play all day so make sure you have some sort of structure to manage how long to play and then allow for eating and napping.  You can incorporate the eating into playing time with for example crushed ice cubes.  The crunching of the ice cubes is great stimulation for them and put their favorite juice with it and you’ll probably see that you’ll quickly become their favorite person.  Ask the therapist what you can do at home to assist your little one in other therapies or to reinforce the goals intended for the child. 

Finally, it can’t be emphasized enough to have fun.  Lot’s of it when it comes to sensory stimulation for autistic children.  It is challenging but be imaginative and creative and you’ll find that it’s easy and inexpensive to have fun choosing activities for your child.