Special Education Tips best Internet Resources

Whether a teacher or a parent/carer, it is vitally important to have help and support when dealing with the area of special needs in education. The following are a list of Internet resources, which aim to give advice from those with experience, and help those who are dealing with educational special needs.

Pacific.net has an excellent page dedicated to special educational needs and submitted from a variety of schools and teachers so the methods are tried and tested. Although aimed mostly at teachers, some of the tips and advice given can be easily adapted for those who wish to use the strategies at home. A selection of the topics covered include setting up a special educational needs class, behavioural modification strategies, and even record keeping tips.

About.com has a very good page dedicated to the topic. This offers a multitude of possible external links which include reviews of major books on special ed, integrating special needs children into a PE class and learning disabled teaching strategies.

Reading rockets is a great site based firmly in the realm of books and getting children reading. This includes those with special educational needs. There is a great page which lists tips on how to get a class ready during that ‘back-to-school’ period of the school year. Organising paperwork, contacting caseworkers and setting up routines are a few of the subjects covered.

ParentPals.com is a fabulous resource filled with many sites dedicated to multiple types of special education needs. The page is set up to provide clear links to particular areas of speciality, i.e. Autism, visual impairment and, an often forgotten area of special needs, gifted children. Along with ADHD, emotional impairment and even technology tips, this is one of the best sites for covering a lot of ground in a clear and simple manner.

Teachingtips.com is a similar site, but with a major wider and more technical selection of topics. There are more than 100 resources and links available for clicking, but the massive selection is clearly separated into categories making a particular topic easier to find. Just a few of the possibilities include General material and resources, Deaf students, and Technology in special needs. A site which will prove to be both useful in itself and for its links to further reading and advice.

All of these resources are free and accessible by anyone. Taking time to read through the advice and learning how to adapt it to any special needs educational situation is vital for providing a safe and rewarding environment for both educator and child.