Special Education Tips how to Introduce Students to one another

Introducing two special education students to each other can be a bit difficult, since students with special needs can be shy or be more protective of themselves. Introducing two students with special needs to each other is all about timing and tactics; teachers need to know how to make the moment feel natural and comfortable enough for the two students to talk to each other and have a good first impression of each other.

Special needs students have a lot of discomfort when they are surrounded by new people, or other kids their own age. They tend to fight easily if someone tries to play with their things, so teachers need to make sure that when they are introducing two students to each other, that they are alone and they each have their own things.

Teachers can set up the environment by cleaning a table or place on the classroom for the students to meet and sit down, and laying down the exact same materials, or the things that each student likes by them. This will help not only keep them busy, but give them something to bond over while they are together. Once the students are settled in the class, the teacher can then take the time to talk to both of them together and point out all of the similarities that they have in common, without making it seem like they are completely alike. This will show them that they aren’t as different from each other as they think they are, and that this can mean the beginning of their friendship. 

Once the students are together and talking, then teachers can start their class or continue with their day. If the students are not very comfortable being surrounded by strangers or they need more time to get acquainted with the other students, then teachers can organize a learning game to help everyone settle down. Introducing two students that have special needs can be difficult, which is why it is important to be very patient and to have their feelings in mind. Teachers should know that special students are different and they have a lot more precautions when it comes to other adults and other children their own age. 

One other thing that teachers can do to introduce students to one another is have them choose a game to play together during class time or break. This can help them get adjusted to being together and playing together. Meeting each other in a comfortable and friendly surrounding can actually increase the chances that the classmates will get along.