Special needs Children how Schools Fail them

Parents of children with special needs along with disability advocates around the world know that a special needs child’s least favorite time of year is typically the school year because they are teased, taunted, and often times misunderstood. Educators are under the impression that it takes a college degree and nothing more to know how to help someone with special needs and this is so far from the truth. If a teacher has a special needs student in his or her class that is struggling to learn the material that is being taught, a good teacher would recognize this and call a meeting with the child’s parents and maybe other professionals involved in the child’s education and see if they can find out why the child is struggling and how they as a team can best help him or her.

Some teachers on the other hand, would get so frustrated with a special needs student that they would just pass him or her from the class to get rid of them and not risk the chances of having them in the class again if the child was held back and needed to repeat the class that was only taught by one teacher. These teachers do not care about the child’s education.  They are only worried about getting their salary for the school year. It is unfortunate how many of these innocent children are slipping through the cracks and not being given a chance to graduate form high school with an actual education instead of just a piece of paper saying that they graduated. Some of these children if given the chance, could go on to do amazing things like go to college, and maybe even one day invent something and own their own company to sell their invention.

Take, for example, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison both had leaning disabilities, but neither one of them let the get in the way of their abilities. They both proved to the world that despite their leaning disabilities, they were smart enough to become inventors. If these men can do this, there is no reason why others with learning and/or physical disabilities can’t. Educators need to understand this and encourage the future generations instead of just trying to hold them back. Schools around the world need to be more open to and accommodating to the idea that these students with special needs have just as much of a chance as anyone else of becoming successful and succeeding in this world.

To better guarantee that your special needs child is not failed by his or her school, you need to make sure that your child has an IEP or Individual Education Plan in place and make sure that you have every thing covered in it to protect your child and make sure that it is followed from the first day of the school year to the last. If changes need to be made to the IEP, all you need to do is set up a meeting to make these changes and make sure that all involved are on board to seeing that the IEP is followed and is in the best interest of the child in question. There are advocates around the world who are trained in helping families to make sure that the needs of the special needs child are met and followed and they can advise you as to who you can contact for legal advice and legal council if the IEP is not being followed or is violated.