Special needs Children School Systems

Special needs children should be mainstreamed, having every opportunity in and out of the school system, so they can reach their highest potential and have a sense of pride and self-esteem. These special children all seem to have one thing in common and that is an asset the rest of us may do well to imitate. They all smile a lot!

Special needs children are children first and foremost. Intergrating them into the school system helps then realize they are a part of society and can become useful citizens. They are capable of forming loyal friendships and need them, just as every one of us needs them.

Thanks to the Special Olympics, created in the 1960’s, these sweet children have a chance to shine in the limelight. Doing their personal best brings great happiness to them and their loved ones. They deserve every opportunity and a chance to explore every avenue, if that is their wish.

If they are not mainstreamed into the school system and everywhere else, as in the past, society loses out in many ways. Our children need to be around others who have varying degrees of skills, talents and achievements. Mostly, they can learn to understand that not everyone is the same in this world. However, there are opportunities for everyone.

When special needs children attend school or other activities, they should be provided with a personal mentor. This person should be knowledgable, informed of the child’s limitations and help them with any and all problems they may encounter in the school system.

Disabilities come in all forms and is a respector of no one. Almost all of us have had an interaction with a special needs person at some time in our lives. Some are holding down jobs in grocery stores, stocking shelves or bagging groceries. These young people are eager to be helpful and have a trusting, loving nature about them. You could say, outside the classroom, they become our teachers.

We see lessons to learn in deeper love and understanding, a great eagerness to fit in and please others, always ready to offer a big smile. They teach us the lessons on being a human being first, that for some of us, we never learn on a deeper level, as we should.

Special needs children should be mainstreamed in any areas of life that are common to all of us. They have a lot to offer us, just by being themselves. They deserve the best education they are capable of obtaining. They deserve a society who has learned to appreciate that they are unique individuals. In turn, they teach us more about affection, openess, innocence and loyalty.

These special children come to this earth with qualities, like loving others without question, which most of us have yet to learn. In this respect, they are more intelligent than some of the rest of us. May God bless these very special children, they are so deserving of everything that is good in life.