The Dangers of Labeling a Child

Labeling children is a waste of time and does no one any good! I was a child care director for many years and often we would work with our local schools to make sure students were getting what they needed from our program. What I found was any child we referred to them was tested right away and given some type of label. The label could be anything from hearing impaired to attention deficit disorder. As a director it was my job to make sure my teachers were meeting the children’s needs.

I found that the teachers were reacting to these ‘labels’. For example say a child who came in with a ‘behavior problem’ was held too much higher standards regarding following the rules. This child had also received harsher punishments then the other children when rules were broken. I decided to really take a closer look at the classroom dynamics in my center.

After a couple of months of observations 90 percent of the time I found that teachers really were reacting to labels and they were not aware. When this problem was brought to their attention they changed their behavior immediately. I think its human nature to react to labels and that’s why they have no business in a classroom.

My solution was I decided not to let my teachers know about children coming into our program who had been labeled by the school system. This way the children were given a fair chance. Some people maybe saying what about the children with learning disabilitiesMy answer, a good teacher can offer the student the extra help they need without treating the child like they are the disability versus a child having a disability. There is a real big difference!