What is more Important to Learning alone or with Ateacher

What is better learning alone or with a teacher

I don`t agree with the idea of learning alone from the beginning, at first it`s necessary for children to have their private teachers in order to give the straight direction because without any teachers there are a lot of difficult tasks in the first stage of learning., from the beginning it needs more explanation and motivation to make the children interested in this or that subject.

As I know many children do well and are active at school when they have good teachers who can explain them some new tasks which will be easy to understand for children.

Besides with the introduction of new technologies there are more opportunities around to use them to get a lot of information which is useful for our knowledge from time to time we need to make our mind richer by searching of new information.

It goes without saying that without the good help of teachers children will not be able to get a good education, that`s why I prefer private teachers, they are more responsible to pay more attention to the children and devote much more time until they really understand smth.

But it must be said that every person is individual and learn how they prefer, some wish to have private teachers and some don`t.

I suppose that learning alone is rather hard process for every children when nobody control their learning they try to avoid their tasks because every human is lazy by their nature and it`s quite natural behavour by young children.

Besides learning things without controlling of teachers make some problems in future because when children learn smth. Individually they make a lot of mistakes and study them by error which is difficult to correct their mistakes later.

According to the recent servey children say that they prefer to be in touch with teachers to find out some difficulties which exist in their tasks, as they say it`s more natural and easier to relate to the teachers. at the same time parens are more sure because they know their children are taught by professional teachers and later their generation form as a high educated persons

In conclusion I prefer children to have private teachers in order to get rid of expecting mistakes, inspide of this if a person is hard-working, independent and self-confident of their posibilities, they have a strong desire to do smth. Individually and well in order to achieve success in their future career, I suppose without any motivation everything is impossible, we must be sure deeply what we want to become and after this we follow this chosen way step by step.