Why Gifted Children also need Special Services

Gifted children do not learn like other children. They do not need repetition in lessons because they remember what they learn. Gifted children’s needs are not met in the regular classroom and they need special services.

I have a son who is gifted and is in the Gifted and Talented Program at school however his needs are not being met. So many educators think that gifted children need to be in classes where they have more work to do at a faster pace. This ideology tends to bore the gifted child and he or she will lose interest in school. Gifted children learn differently than other kids do. They can be told something one time and they understand it. They do not need to go over it again an again. Once they understand the subject at hand, they are ready to move on to something else. If they are not allowed to move on, they will become bored. They do not need more work they need to be challenged.

Work comes easy to gifted children most of the time. They don’t really have to think about what they are being taught. As they grow older they also do not know how to deal with subjects they might run across that require them to think. They generally do not actually have to think about things, they just know. I’ve seen gifted children have meltdowns because something comes up that required though. They don’t know what to do when they actually have to think and study for something. For this reason they need special services. They need educators working with them to help them understand how to study and that it is ok if they don’t instantly know something. They tend to be very hard on themselves when they have to think because they don’t know how to do it so they assume they are all of the sudden stupid.

Gifted children crave knowledge and if that craving is not fed, they will starve. If they are put into special programs for gifted children they learn how to think and then they want subjects that require them to think. If they are put into a class where they are doing the same things they’ve done since they were small, they will lose interest. They love classes where the teachers expect a lot out of them and give them work that is hard and requires them to think. My gifted son loves algebra because as he progresses in it, he has to think. He doesn’t know the material and it is hard. He loves that and he studies it because it is interesting.

If gifted children are in classes that do not challenge them, they will be bored. English can be very boring for gifted children because they already know what is being studied. English is a subject of repetition but what educators do not understand is that gifted children do not need that repetition. They need special classes where they can be given more challenging work and move beyond the repetition of the regular classroom.

Gifted children also do not need homework. Their minds think all of the time, they need time to let them shut down and rest for a while. Home is that time. If they are in gifted education classes that meet their needs then they will be challenged but there will be no need for homework. If a teacher really knows how to work with gifted children then he or she will know that they need time to just empty their busy minds.

Gifted children need special services because they do not learn like other children. They need to be challenged and move at a faster pace. They do not need more work. They need more challenging work. Offering them special classes for gifted children is a benefit to them and will help make them successful in school.