My Training

I have the highest regard for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I honed my craft and gained highly expert knowledge and experience in health and nutrition counseling.  The driving philosophy of IIN is to create a change in the world for the better.  Guiding people to be their best in health and life.  This mirrors my own personal mission with this work.  It is my intention to pay forward the incredible personal evolution I have experienced by taking responsibility for my own health.  It’s worth every moment of care, energy and effort, as the personal pay-off for doing so is completely and utterly life changing.

Additional Training

I received additional extensive training in helping clients get to the heart of what their deepest challenges and desires are, and in guiding them to move beyond their paralyzing fears to ultimate goal achievement.  This additional training was through the Holistic MBA Academy, and also through working directly with mentors Gay Hendricks, Mary Morrissey, Peggy McColl and Bob Proctor in a separate program.

This additional training set me up to not only succeed and have great health and happiness in my own life, but to help my clients achieve a high level of success with whatever they are striving for.  Combining this life coaching approach with holistic health and nutrition, I offer unique programs and benefits to clients that other life coaches or nutrition coaches are unable to offer – I work with people on every aspect of what’s stopping them in their lives, whether it relates to their health, their career, their personal lives, or a combination of all.

Prior to this more recent training, I also earned a BA in Interpersonal Communication at Saint Mary’s College of California. This foundation of intensive person to person communication and psychology study echoes my interest in the human spirit.  It is no wonder I have followed my passions about people to health and life coaching.