Plyometric Exercises

Using plyometric exercises are a great way to jump higher, run faster and also be quicker. In order to get the best results you will also want to add these exercises to a weight lifting routine as well. Below you will find a plyometric workout that you can start doing today to improve your speed and quickness.  These workouts are very effective and should always be incorporated into your training.

Plyometric Workout

Box Jumps – this exercise is fairly simple to do.  All you need is a box or platform to get started.  For this exercise you will want to stand on the box and then step off the box and as soon as you land on the ground, jump up as high as you can.  Then repeat.

Lateral Box Jumps – for this exercise stand on the ground beside the box and jump over the box to the other side.  Then immediately jump back over the box to the side you started on.  Continuing jumping from one side of the box to the other.

Quick Jumps – for this drill you will want to make a X on the ground with tape so the you have 4 quadrants.  The stand in 1 of the quadrants and proceed to quickly jump from 1 to another going in clockwise direction.  Jump from each quadrant to next as quickly as you can.

Alternate Leg Jumps – you will again us a box or platform for the plyometric exercises.  Start with one leg on the ground and another on the box.  Push off with the leg that is on the box and jump into the air, landing with the opposite leg on the box.  Continue jumping switching legs each time.

This is a simple workout that you can do at home to improve your vertical jump and quickness.  These simple plyometric exercises are very effective if done on a continual schedule.

Of course there are many more plyometric training exercises you can do and you will also want to combine these with weight lifting exercises to get the maximum benefit. If you are looking for a good plyometric workout to follow that uses the most effective plyometric exercises along with a great weight lifting routine then take a look at the Vertical Explosion Training Program. It has been shown time and time again to produce great results for increasing your vertical along with your speed and quickness.  You can view it here.